Yelda & Leda’s Afghanistan Emergency Appeal

Afghanistan has been a war torn country, destroyed by conflict for the past few decades resulting in millions of people in need for urgent humanitarian assistance across the entire country. Due to political uncertainty, millions of Afghans live in fear of violence and struggle to attain the most basic of necessities. 
Due to the ongoing conflict in Afghanistan, families are forced to flee their homes, leaving them displaced. Many flee with nothing but the clothes they are wearing, leaving behind everything they called home. Having restricted access to food, water and shelter, we have decided to launch an urgent fundraising appeal to raise money in order to provide essential supplies to the vulnerable families in Afghanistan.
With your help, we aim to raise money on behalf of Noble Connection, who are on the ground distributing our donations to those in desperate need. They will distribute 100% of the money raised with verification that your donations are going towards distributing clean water, food and clothing. No donation is too small, any contribution will make the biggest difference to their lives.
The world leaders have failed the men, women and children of Afghanistan. So, we must stand in solidarity with the Afghan people and be the voice for our brothers and sisters.

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