Educate An Orphan

Nobel Connection is proud to share with you our EAO project work in Afghanistan below which showcases exactly how your donations are used and the impact it can have on the orphans and their respective families. Transparency and trust are vital, you deserve to see the amazing work your support will contribute to.

The following orphans are all enrolled on the EAO programme. They are all attending full-time education, which would not be possible but for the selfless generosity of our donors. Prior to being enrolled on the EAO programme, most orphans, including girls, were working street jobs such as shoe-polishers, construction site workers, and push-kart vegetable sellers in order to provide whatever they could for their household. Thanks to the donations NC receives, these children can work on building a brighter future for themselves whilst not having to worry about the pangs of poverty.

Below you will find their academic reports of progress and distribution events where cash and school supplies are handed out. For data protection purposes, the orphan’s name and school of enrolment have been kept confidential.