Support our Afghanistan COVID-19 Emergency Response Appeal – 35+ organisations across the world

چو ايستاده يى، دست افتاده گير

Afghanistan and its people are our heart and soul. May Allah (SWT) give us the strength to continue to support our people in need.

Dear Families, Friends and Supporters,

We at the Afghan Academy International have joined forces with several other organisations and individuals to support the people of Afghanistan at this crucial time.

Wehave pledged to raise £10,000 that will go to the total target of 1million pounds in order to provide life-changing help on the ground – food, water and other basic necessities that every human requires to stay alive. Hearts have not healed from existing tragedies. Please help us in preventing further heartaches and inevitable fatalities that COVID-19 will bring. 

We are grateful for the great support of our families, friends and supporters who have already donated to the main fundraising page and shared this appeal since 20th May 2020. We started this individual fundraiser page on 12th June 2020 to reach all our other families, friends and supporters and their networks.

The last date of this appeal is 31st July 2020, but we have already started the aid deliveries which will continue on a weekly basis – each time a total of 100 families are supported in different parts of the country.

All the videoclips of the aid deliveries are available. This link is showing the aid delivery in Kabul which took place on 12th June 2020:

We remain United in Isolation.

Please support the Afghan people inside Afghanistan who are in desperate need by donating and sharing this page and message.

Thank you in advance all for your support and generosity!

Afghan Academy International and all the teams of Afghanistan COVID-19 Emergency Response Appeal – 35+ organisations across the word

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